Online vs Offline Slots: A Comparative Analysis

At first sight the difference between online and live slot may seem not that significant. Basically, the principle of online slots is exactly the same as that of offline slots – a number of reels produce a random result and if the random result is a winning one a payout is made. Both operate using the same RNG principles. So the game mechanics itself is completely identical regardless of whether you push the spin button online or pull the handle at land-based casino. Nevertheless, online slots have a number of advantages that make them the preferred choice for lots of players.

We have listed these points for you to illustrate what we see as the advantages of online slots.

The Environment

The environment is the most obvious difference that strikes the eye. You can sit at home drinking coffee in your dressing gown and play slots. Then, nothing distracts you; there are no flashing lights and noises. Though, some players say that online slots lack a party atmosphere, face-to-face interaction, high stakes, and booze. That is true, online gambling certainly lacks Las Vegas atmosphere but think again - no pressure, no crowds, no lines anywhere. Besides, an online casino is literally a few clicks away.


Of course, there are a lot of slot machines in a live casino, but there is always a chance that there will be a line to play the slot game you want to play. This is never a problem with online slots. Any game is available anytime, any day or period. Besides, offline slot machines will pale beside the diversity you find in an online slots casino. Since online slots is the largest growing sector of the gambling industry, there are literally new games being added to online slots casino sites every single week.

Free Practice

Online casino gives you an opportunity to play slots for free as much as you like. You can try the games, see what they are like and find the game that you like most before gambling your money. This is a fabulous opportunity you’ll never have at a real-life casino.


When you play at real-life casino, everyone can see how much you win and how much you have in your wallet or purse, while playing slots at online casino is completely anonymous, whatever money you have in your account and whatever money you win is only known to you and the casino. At an online casino your privacy is absolute, something a public casino obviously can't provide.

We hope that we have advanced enough arguments for online slots, since we consider online slots a better way to go.