Amazing Popularity of Slots: Exploring Online vs. Land-based Slots

In spite of the fact that there is a great variety of casino games, slots are supposed to be the most played casino game among many gamblers. Today you may find so many slots variations that you will definitely be astonished by their huge choice. Slots producers will satisfy the requirements of any type of slots players ranging from those who like The Simpsons cartoon to those who adore The Lord of the Rings saga. Nowadays online gaming is far more popular than land-based casinos. Let`s try to compare the online and land-based slots.

Online Slots vs. Land-based Slots

  • You do not need to have some special skills to be involved in slots playing. That is common for both online and land-based casinos. Even if you are a slots beginner, you won`t find difficult to master slots rules.
  • Now let`s speak about the payout percentage. Online casinos often offer much better payouts percentage than offline casinos. That is the best thing about playing slots online. But it is not always so. That`s why you are recommended to check the payout percentage of the casino you are involved in.
  • Casino Bonuses. In land based casinos you will be offered some beverages as a bonus. But if you play online, you will have your bonuses in cash which is more pleasant. For instance, almost all online casinos have quite generous deposit bonuses in order to attract new players.
  • There is one thing that makes both online and offline slots very attractive for different players. We mean slots tournaments. If you are a bit experienced slots player, participating in such tournament will give you a great portion of adrenaline combined with money reward.
  • Slots variation. Online slots are represented in more variations than those in land-based casinos. So, those people who want to plunge into an amazing world of slots prefer playing online. But if you have your favorite slot machine that often rewards you with excellent payout, there is no need to quit playing it!
  • Slots novices prefer playing online slots due to the fact that they may have a great deal of useful experience. Even if later they have a burning desire to try their luck in offline casinos, they will already be pretty experienced slots players.
  • If you play slots in online casinos, you will see that a lot of them offer chatting programs that allow you to make a lot of friends and share your affinity for online slots. You may ask for some pieces of advice concerning slots strategies and winning tips. But if you go to land-based casinos, you will also have an opportunity to chat but in oral form. In this case you have to be very attentive as not all the info you will hear, will be plausible.
  • The most crucial advantage of online slot machines is that they offer progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots in offline casinos are limited to the specific network. The same we have in online casinos but the matter is that this jackpot in internet casinos is linked to a much bigger network.