Quiz Machines - A Journey Through Gaming History

A quiz machine is a slot machine, in which a player is to answer the questions added to matching symbols or may be even used instead of matching symbols. The term quiz machine is often used instead of term SWP (Skill with Prizes). But you should mind that not all SWP games are quiz machines.

The booming period for quiz slots machines was observed in 1995-1999s. At that time majority of public houses has managed to represent at least a unit of these slots.

Since that period of time a quiz machine has transformed into a multi-quiz machine with a high number of different games.

Today the most popular quiz games are London Underground, Word Up, Sum Up, Bookworm and Spot the Difference.

You may find these machines in pubs and other entertainment zones. The UK has two giant operators (Paragon and Itbox). If you are going to the UK and you will have a burning desire to try your luck, it will cost you only 50p-£1 for playing this marvelous slot machine.

Pub Quiz

Pub quiz is a very fair pub quiz game. Your task is to answer questions that concern different topics and make categories` progress. You may choose any category you like from those which were given to you. Some professionals say the hardest category is a sport category. It has quite many tricks you may not pay attention to.

Trivia for Dummies

You should start with inserting 50p. After that you receive certain number of levels (it may differ) you need to go through with an aim of winning a quid or quids. The main thing you have to concentrate on is answering questions. You should be quick and very attentive!

Current Quiz Machines

In the early 2000s there was a great change concerning SWPs. The matter is that single games in single cabinets stopped their functioning and were changed by multi-game terminals. Today such terminals can easily run more than 25 different games on the same machine. Isn`t it incredible?! Some are also able to provide services other than gaming.

Currently many quiz machine games or SWPs give the opportunity to win £20 jackpot for 50p play and some machines are even ready to offer you £40 for £1 play. So do not miss a chance to try your luck!