Sic Bo Game - The Chinese Gambling Present

The Chinese gamblers, surely, occupy a peculiar place in casino history, as they have presented the world's gaming community with a variety of playing options, which are nowadays widely admired by people all over the world. In particular, in addition to the well-known Pai Gow game, that is now recognized to possess a huge team of admirers and devoted fans, it's Sic Bo game as well, which has recently got unbelievably popular both among the visitors of the first-class gambling resorts in the US and Macao and passionate online gamblers as well. Belonging to the dice games family, Sic Bo game is relatively young in comparison with the roulette, blackjack or the game of baccarat, for instance, though it has already undergone great changes and is today provided in several variations. The essence of Sic Bo game, which is, besides, also known as tai sai, dai siu or hi-lo, is to receive the best combination of numbers on 3 dice, which is, notably, "double + single" combination of numbers, in which "double" should comprise the same specific 2 numbers and the number in "single" is also predefined. The chances to get such a winning outcome are pretty vague, yet, the possible payoffs appear to be rather promising (namely, 50 to 1).

Advantage Play Options

As well as in other variations of dice games, like craps, or Poker Dice, professional gamblers have put many efforts into the invention of unique Sic Bo game techniques, with the help of which a person is supposed to increase his/her winnings incredibly. Still, these attempts haven't resulted in the creation of really working strategies, and the existing advantage play options can't, unfortunately, guarantee great results in the game.

Online Version

With the development of online casino industry, most people have acquired an opportunity to choose to play Sic Bo game either within a live betting house of an internet site, and both versions, in fact, are likewise thrilling to try, especially if one doesn't have an opportunity to travel to a land-based casino every week, for example. All things considered, Sic Bo game will be definitely fun to try for gamblers, who enjoy throwing dice, whereas blackjack or RTG slots fans might find it amusing to play, if their favorites start seeming a bit boring.