Slots Checklist: Make Informed Choices

Before you make your decision on which slots game to commit your bankroll to, there should be a checklist in your mind that you need to go over.

The most important of those is to check what the payouts are in your chosen game. You will find that most games have identical prizes but they can differ so double check this before you spin the reels for the very first time. This to avoid any unwanted surprises as you may expect a bigger return for three consecutive symbols and instead get less than you would have anticipated. There is a paytable with each game in which the prizes are clearly stated along with the requirements.

Consideration then has to be given to the staking modes. Bear in mind that in some games, you have to be playing in the maximum mode to qualify for bonus rounds, jackpots and other features. If this is the case, you have to ask yourself if you are willing to stake so much, if not, choose something different.

Another variant that changes from one game to another is the number of lines across the reels. Some have the capacity to house up to 25 different lines. If you prefer to play the more traditional format of the game with just the single pay line, this will not affect you. One thing you do need to do bear in mind with multiple lines is that the more you go with, the higher your total stake becomes.

Finally, have a look at how many bonus rounds are available. These are a great opportunity to increase your bankroll. The more of them there are, the better for you. Once you reach them, they cost you absolutely nothing.