Slot Odds Unveiled: Strategies for Boosting Your Winning Chances

You might have thought of what chances you have to win playing online slots! The chances are pretty high if you know the mechanism of machines working.

To start with, you may have different odds for every single game to win in different games. All the time you have to look at online casinos` payoff percentage. If this percentage is close to 100%, you have more chances to win. Statistics says about the payoffs:

  • For 5 cent slots- the payout is 96.8%.
  • For 25 cent slots - the payout is 97.6%.
  • For 1 dollar slots - the payout is 98.2%.
  • For 5 dollarsslots- 98.5% of payout.

The main thing you have to keep in mind is The Law of Independent Trials, statistical criterion which is based upon the principle that the results of previous players absolutely do not influence the next play. It doesn`t matter if somebody has already won, you still have a high percentage of winning.

Here is a valuable advice you ought to concentrate on:

You should not pay attention to the type of symbols machine has (cherries, bars, diamonds etc.) What is important, it is the number of reels and symbols on each reel. If there are a lot of reels and symbols, it is much harder to hit a jackpot.

Do take into consideration the number of reels and the number of symbols! They do affect your chances. Actually, they minimize a possibility of hitting a winning combination.

Online Casinos Can`t Change the Odds

A lot of people still think that casinos can change slot odds just using some schemes.But it is an absolute nonsense! Every time you play slots, the machines always give a new random number and your slot odds are more than high. It is necessary to know that slots odds are set by computer chips which are in the slot machine. It is difficult to make some changes with a chip because casinos must undergo lots of paperwork. The odds of winning depend on the number of virtual stops that are related to the actual stop.

Online slot machines have great advantages to make your games easy, fun and exciting! And you don't have to carrycoins in your pocket because everything is digital! It's much more convenient.