Wheel of Fortune Slots Overview

Wheel of Fortune slot is very exciting and simple in usage. A lot of gaming beginners find this slot very attractive and play it with a great pleasure.

Typical Wheel of Fortune slot has three reels and one pay line, but today you may find that this slot is represented by five reels and five paylines. Wheel of fortune can be activated by the coins that you insert.

You can mostly see a Wheel of Fortune in land-based casinos. But a lot of online casinos can also provide you with many types of Wheel of Fortune slots.

What is Wheel of Fortune itself? It is a multiplier symbol that substitutes other symbols and indicates your winning combinations. One Wheel of Fortune symbol makes the payout of all the combinations double.

Two Wheel of Fortune symbol quadruples any payout combination. Isn`t it exciting?!

You should know that in these slots a number of various symbols is used in order to make winning combinations and award free of charge spins, trigger multipliers, and sometimes give the bonus round.

There is also such button as "AutoPlay" that gives you the chance to have your slot game on autopilot. You just set the spins number and some other options. It is pretty simple!

Symbols on Wheel of Fortune

The Wild symbols in Wheel of Fortune slots have diamonds which are for doubling your prize.

Mind that there are also scatter symbols that contain a cartoon girl representing a Wheel of Fortune wheel. Scatter symbols as well as wilds also have a multiple usage. For example, if three scatter symbols appear on the 5 reels, you can win 10 free of charge spins. Moreover, the scatters also have a multiplying effect depending on the number of them that is indicated on a certain pay line. Before playing you might be interested in your possible payout, so below you may have a look at typical three-reel Wheel of Fortune slots` payout: