Casino Dealers: Key Roles and Responsibilities

Each casino has the need for a dealer.  It is these people who fulfill the roles of the casino in a blackjack game or in roulette. They are called “the house” and are the embodiment of the institution that is the casino.

Different dealers have different tasks to complete, and they are one of the most crucial figures in any casino. Depending on the game, or game type, each dealer has to complete different tasks that require great knowledge of the game and its rules. They also act as a tutor to some of the newer players. Even though they are not obliged to help different players by explaining how the game works, they are encouraged to, and in fact, many will often reach out and help on their own will.

Another important thing is that it is always better to try the game online first and then play in a real casino. No matter it is pokies, roulette, blackjack or any other game, it fits any of them. Click here for more information about pokies. Just try several of them to know how to play.

There are a few key things that a person needs to be able to do freely in order to qualify for the position of a dealer. For example, one must possess great finger dexterity, as it is a crucial part of shuffling, another very important element in a dealer’s arsenal. Shuffling is the act of mixing the cards, making sure that they are well mixed from the last hand. Sometimes mixing multiple decks, up to eight in some Blackjack games, is required. This can be a tricky part of the job, but there are some courses which teach people how to shuffle properly.

Dealing cards

Dealing cards is the act of distributing the cards that are entrusted to the dealer to every player at the table. There are many different games and game modes that require dealing cards in different manners. A dealer must be well aware of the mechanics of each game, and know the proper way to deal in each game. A good example of a game with many different dealing techniques is Blackjack.


It is a dealer’s responsibility to watch for the proper conduct of each player. If he notices that a player is counting cards, or is doing something that is out of the ordinary, he has to report the issue to the floor. If a player is doing something that is against the game type rules, it is a dealer’s responsibility to warn them two times before terminating the game. They also have the right to request that they are brought a new set of card decks which is called a “Set Up”.